The 10 Best and Most Popular Pokémon of December 2021 at Pokémon UNITE

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For those of you who may be curious about the best and most popular Pokémon in December 2021 at Pokémon UNITE, here we have collected the data. The data we’ve collected comes from the last 100 games of Top Global Pokémon UNITE.

Of course, their match was at the Master Rank and there was no doubt about it. This best and most popular Pokémon is only valid in Pokémon UNITE Patch, right. So, if you want to see the next Pokémon UNITE update, don’t forget to keep an eye on w2wlink.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best and most popular Pokémon for December 2021 in Pokémon UNITE that you can use as a reference for push rank.

1. Lucario

pokemon lucario

Lucario is the first best and most popular Pokémon in December 2021. In 100 matches, players use Lucario on average 15.6 times.

Lucario’s high usage is not without reason. He is known to have very agile skills. So, it is very difficult to overthrow. Lucario’s damage is also very high for melee-type Pokémon. Those are some of the reasons Lucario is so often used for push rank in Pokémon UNITE.

2. Eldegoss

pokemon eldegoss

Unexpectedly, this Pokémon that is shaped like a cotton ball and is a support type named Eldegoss is very popular 2nd in the UNITE Pokémon master rank. Out of 100 matches, Eldegoss is used on average 13 times.

Apparently, Eldegoss has very strong support skills in Pokémon UNITE Patch this time. It may also be because Eldegos’ Support skills have a very large area so it is very profitable for all team members during war.

3. Venusaur

pokemon venusaur

In 3rd place is a Pokémon called Venusaur. In 100 matches, he is used an average of 10.5 times huh. Venusaur is indeed one of the Attackers with skills that have very high damage, yes.

Venusaur’s passive is also very strong. He will give a stun effect and additional damage when the 3rd attack uses the root on his shoulder. Venusaur’s farming ability is also very fast. This will make us win the game more easily.

4. Wigglytuff

pokemon wigglytuff

Back again with the Supporter role, this time a pink rabbit-shaped Pokémon named Wigglytuff is also the best and most popular Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE in December 2021. In 100 games, he averaged 8.1 times.

This one support has a lot of stun skills. So, it can be a very good Pokémon for stealing scores and escaping. Wigglytuff’s stun skills will also be very disturbing when war occurs.

5. Tsareena

pokemon tsareena

Now, we can see that Pokémon with the All-Rounder role are among the best and most popular Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE. In 100 games, Tsareena is used an average of 8.1 times.

Tsareena is very popular because she is made to have very high damage, or become a very thick tank. With this ability, it’s not surprising that players are very eager to use Tsareena.

6. Greninja

pokemon greninja

Even though Greninja got nerf in this Pokemon UNITE patch update, his popularity as an Attacker is still very high to use. This is evident from 100 matches, Greninja is used on average 6.5 times.

Indeed, Greninja has skills that make it very difficult to overthrow. With very high damage, the ability to avoid enemy skills, then Greninja must be a very good choice for push rank, right?

7. Gardevoir

pokemon  gardevoir

Gardevoir is also a Pokémon with the Attacker role that is still popular. He has skills that are very painful areas. However, he didn’t have any escape skills and was very vulnerable to being overthrown. So, out of 100 matches, Gardevoir is used on average 5.2 times.

8. Greedent

pokemon greedent

When it comes to Pokémon with the Defender role, Greedent is still a favorite in Pokémon UNITE. In 100 matches, Greedent was used 4.8 times. Greedent is a very good Pokémon to use because it has skills that can increase HP during battle. So, he can make teammates more resilient from enemy attacks.

9. Talonflame

pokemon talonflame

For the Speedster role, Talonflame is the Pokémon with the most mobility favored by Pokémon UNITE players. This is evident from 100 matches, he is used on average 4.6 times. Talonflame also has the ultimate (Pokémon Move) which can drag multiple enemies at once and steal Zapdos.

10. Mr. Mime

pokemon mr. mime

For the best and most popular Pokémon, the last one is Mr. mime. He is a support that can become a META with his barrier skills. In 100 matches, Mr. Mime is used 3.9 times on average.

So, those are the 10 best and most popular Pokémon for December 2021 on Pokémon UNITE. Is your favorite Pokémon on the list bro? Or do you think there’s a best Pokémon that hasn’t made it to the list yet? Please comment below.

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