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Maitre’D: Reviews, Pros and Cons

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What Is Maitre’D?

Posera MaitreD POS is a point-of-sale (POS) software platform designed for all types of foodservice operations, ranging from fine dining restaurants to quick service cafes, hotels, cafeterias, bars, nightclubs, and more. MaitreD can help you streamline your functions, whether you are running a dining room, a take-out counter, or a dining room. It is a little bit expensive POS solution, but it proves very helpful for those trying to reinforce their verticals.

The system comprises a host holding sophisticated controls, creating an excellent opportunity for businesses within the hospitality industry to search for superior features and functionalities like evaluating profits and making reports.

MaitreD offers countless products and features such as POS Solutions and Back-office with features like labor scheduling and inventory management, sales, promotions, mobile apps with key performance indicators, and real-time data on labor expenditures, heavy-duty enterprise solutions with multi-concept management, quality control, and centralized Database.


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MaitreD proposes a host of POS solutions that accommodate every business necessity and requirement. Their products include:

  • POS solutions and Back-office
  • CVM kitchen video display system
  • Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise solutions

Pricing is available only on a by-quote basis. You can find a piece of detailed pricing information by directly contacting MaitreD company.

What do you like best?

MaitreD Training is very easy and convenient. It possesses a lot of flexibility for handling particular combinations and can be configured for various food options. It becomes available for specific events, daily or weekly events, or menus with various course options. Pricing can be attached to choices and rolled up into the total cost.

Main Features:

POS Solutions and Back-office

  • Labor management and scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Traditional or tablet-based POS
  • Loyalty programs
  • Integrated transaction processing and gift cards
  • Powerful reporting, forecasting
  • Cash management

Mobile Apps

  • Receive customized, real-time alerts to act when required.
  • Capability to set up and monitor any number of restaurants
  • Key performance indicators presented in a dashboard
  • Get real-time data on sales, voids and promotions, and labor costs.

Enterprise solutions

  • Global reporting with drill-down ability to customize reports
  • Broadcasting/Database management
  • Centralized database and quality control
  • Multi concept management


  • MaitreD POS is an outstanding solution for all kinds of foodservice operations, ranging from fine dining establishments to quick-service dining kiosks. The system is hardware exceptional and can adapt and operate in any environment, offering retailers the flexibility to scale up from a different POS solution.
  • You can customize Maitre’D POS to permit businesses to implement either a tablet or a conventional desktop setup; the mobile app consisting of a dashboard comprising critical business information. You can also adjust the app to alert with real-time updates, keeping them in a hoop all over the time.
  • MaitreD helps to keep track of the costs and stock level with a built-in inventory management tool. It offers advanced business features with an integrated kitchen management system, table ordering, and payment solutions. It is a trackable and scalable software solution for small businesses, big restaurants, and multi-location units.
  • The program is elementary for the cashier and manager; new hires can speedily understand it and start using it, which reduces the required training time and the labor hours. The Inventory Management module lowers the chances of theft within and outside their establishment, whereas the bar code integration confirms accurate counting of all products and items.
  • MaitreD POS can be tailored to automatically stock specific items based on specific in-store recipes, warranting that the popular items never run low.
  • MaitreD POS offers various language support and advanced reporting and drill-down abilities, providing top management valuable insight into the company data that can help them make right and feasible business decisions.
  • MaitreD interface into the Berg liquor pouring control system offers an incredibly short ROI, lowers the inventory costs; thus, the question of bartender trust becomes out of the equation.


  • MaitreD could make better use of the picklist, particularly relating to the delivery and take-out orders. The interface is not updated and seems awkward and needlessly clumsy.
  • Whenever a problem is detected, sometimes the company does not respond efficiently and rapidly.
  • Some significant improvements are required to make in it. Its version is not upgraded fastly. The company can improve it more by developing some new and better capabilities.
  • MaitreD has some hidden options and options that can sometimes become clumsy especially from the support standpoint.
  • MaitreD makes it easy to take care of the customers promptly. The POS terminal is convenient to set up and use, making the transitions smoother from the system we were utilizing.
  • The system does not permit a universal password for management, so support teams need to maintain the account at any point where it is deployed.
  • One of its major drawbacks is that accessing the raw data is impossible, and custom reports remain unavailable. Entering a large number of new items or altering a lot of them becomes very hectic. Changes have to be made item by item, not in bulk. For example, if you want to enhance the price of beer by 1$ and 40 types of beers, you have to modify such items each by one, which takes more than an hour.

Technical details:

Devices supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language support

  • English

Pricing model

  • Quote-based

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business

Available integrations for MaitreD:

MaitreD integrates with the following business system and applications:

  • Akela
  • Advantech
  • DataCapp
  • QuickBooks
  • TimeManagement
  • Texas Digital
  • Berg
  • Bevcheck Global System
  • Quadra Net
  • Digital Persona
  • GuestBridge
  • UrbanBuz
  • Datacandy
  • Paytronix
  • Worldpay
  • ResDiary
  • Beer Saver
  • FASePay
  • And more

Maitre’D ScreenShots


  • MaitreD is an excellent option for a shop where multiple terminals are required. Servers and bartenders can make use of any terminal to which they are close.
  • MaitreD perhaps suits best for smaller chains where periodic monthly expenses need to be reduced, and a cloud model is not appropriate.
  • Much of the support is provided by resellers, so be sure to select a reseller willing to fulfill all your demands.

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