How To Factory Reset iPhone With No Password

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In this world, there are things that are unexpected and turn out not as we desired. One of the example is when , for a certain reason, you are locked out from your iPhone.

In this scenario, you have no other option then to do hard reset or factory reset on your device. In this article, I’m going to explain the 3 easy ways you can do this, even if you forget your password.

Reasons why we need to do factory reset:

  • Forgot the iPhone password
  • Bought a used iPhone with no password
  • Just sold an iPhone and want to delete all the data
  • Device not functioning properly, hard reset is the last resort

However, you need to bear in mind that this activity can wipe out all your data such as pictures, photos, documents, music, videos, etc. So, if you are ready with the catastrophe, you can carry on.

Once you have successfully reset your iPhone, it will become as good as new just like coming out from the shop.

3 easy steps to factory reset an iPhone without password

This article will explain the ways to reset your iPhone in 3 methods namely; through iTunes, third-party app and through iCloud.

You can decide which strategy suits you best.

Factory reset an iPhone through iTunes

You can do factory reset through iTunes provided that you have already your device with your iTunes account. Make sure to back all your data to iTunes before doing the reset. You can do this just by plugging in your device to iTunes.

1. Firstly, plug your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Look to the left side and find summary and click it.

2. Once the summary page is open, you can find the option “Restore iPhone”, click it and a page will show up asking you to confirm it. Click it.

3. iTunes will reset your phone and once it is done, you can access your phone without ant password and restore all the data that has been backep up on iTunes.

Factory Reset an iPhone using an app

There a number of apps in the app store which is made to help people doing factory reset on their iPhone without any password. One of them is an app called FoneCope

1. Find the app FoneCope IOS Unlock in Appstore, download and install it on your computer. Plug your device to your computer.

2. Once installed, run the software and and click start. The app will ask you to confirm the device you are trying to reset.  Just follow the instruction provided.

3. Your device information such model and serial number will be shown on the screen. Check the information and confirm it once you are sure all of them are correct. Then click download

4. Click “Start to verify”, then press “Start Unlock”. A series of code will be given, enter the code provided.

There are several others software which have the same function. I am choosing this one just as an example and I am not in any ways suggesting you to use this particular program.

Factory Reset an iPhone using iCloud

If you have activated Find My Phone feature before, then you can use iCloud to reset your iPhone.

1. Login into your iCloud account.

2. Next, choose “Find IPhone”, and then pick the device you wish to reset.

3. Press “Erase iPhone” on the device, the phone will be completely reset and all the data on the phone will be wiped out. Don’t worry, you can restore all the data since it has been saved on your iCloud account.


Doing a factory reset on an iPhone without password is quite easy. There 3 methods which have been explained in this article. It is always wise to have a back up of your data just in case something unwanted occurred.


Can I do factory reset iPhone without password?

Yes, you can. There are 3 strategies which have been described above. Just choose the one that is suitable for you.

Can I loose the data on my phone?

Yes, you may. But, the strategies mentioned here will allow you to have a back up of your iphone data so later on you can retrieve it.

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