Error Code 0146 Dell Laptop: How to Fix It

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When talking about computers and laptops, you can expect codes and information explaining your gadget condition. Just like many other gadgets, devices from the Dell brand also use certain codes to indicate problems. One of the most common occurrences in the Error code 0146 Dell laptop. So, what exactly does this condition mean?

What is Error Code 0146?

how to fix error code 0146 dell laptop
Error code 0146 in Dell Laptop

Based on the official website from Dell, the discussion regarding the code means there is an error on your computer. In this case, the code 0146 means your computer detects a log of previous errors about your hard drive. The said information can be a caution of devastating hard drive failure possibilities. To prevent any bad effects, you can do some tests and fix them.

If you ever wonder when the problem occurs or how you know the code appears, mostly the answer comes by performing ePSA diagnostics. At some point, you might get the forewarning by the time you boot the computer or laptop. Ideally, the window will show some information that there are system configuration changes which caused an error.

All in all, this condition is something you should note and take action immediately. Some of the reasons are the effect that can lead to system crashes. It is also possible to get frequent system freezes or slow performance. If Error code 0146 Dell laptop happens, it is also recommended to recover data from your computer, as you might be unable to boot into your operating system at all.

What Causes It?

There are some possible reasons or causes why this error happens to your computer. The most possible or logical one is the hard drive failure due to a corrupted program file. Worth noting that the possible error can happen due to malware infection. It might also happen due to the bad sector on your hard drive.

Other possible causes are an outdated or wrong version of the software that tell you need an update. It might also occur because of an invalid UTR, a problematic HMRC gateway, wrong government gateway ID or password. That means that the common error is not particularly caused because of a hard drive failure.

How to Fix it?

1. Using Antivirus Software

As mentioned before, malware is one of the causes of this error. So, you can try fixing it by doing a full virus scan on your computer system. You can either install one or update the existing software you have. The Error code 0146 Dell laptop might happen due to a corrupt hard drive caused by virus infection. Hopefully, an antivirus scan can remove the problematic malware.

2. Run The Safe Mode

If the first tips did not work, then you can try booting your computer using safe mode. You can do it by simply restarting your system and tapping the f8 key while it boots up. When the advanced boot options appear, select safe mode with networking. Inside the window, press Windows key + R and type MSconfig.

You will reach the system configuration utility window, in which you should choose the general tab and selective startup. In the popup window, unselect or remove the tick from load startup items. Continue on the service tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services option. In that part, you must disable everything before trying to restart the computer.

3. Change The Bios

You can also opt for changing your BIOS setting. In this case, you will need to restore the setting to the default one. All you need to do is restart the system and tap the f2 key. This Error code 0146 Dell laptop fix solution will need you to select the setup default or reset to default option in the BIOS setting.

4. Run SFC System File Checker

If the problem is persisting, then it might be in a serious state. But you can try running the SFC scan to repair some abnormal files. To do the SFC scan, you will need to type cmd. in the start menu. After that press CTRL, SHIFT, and ENTER together. In the pop-up window type SFC or scannow. Wait for the scanning process before you restart the laptop.

5. Do The Disk Cleanup

The same as SFC, disk cleanup will remove unwanted systems and files. You can go to the start menu and type disk clean up. Then, continue by choosing the disk you want to clean and wait till the scan is done. You can also include deleting the temporary files box after the scanning progress is completed.

6. PSA Diagnostic

When the error still appears, the most common fix is by running the PSA diagnostic. It will help you find out the real culprit of the Error code 0146 Dell laptop. To run PSA you should press the F12 key when your computer boots up. On the One-time boot menu, choose diagnostic options and proceed. Just follow the prompts to resolve the problem.

7. Replacing Your Hardware

The six-fixing solution might come futile when the problem is caused by your problematic hard drive. Believe it or not, the basic solution will be replacing your hard drive with the new one. In this case, make sure you seek official help to recover your data. At the same time, as for the best option of the latest hard disk drive as the replacement.

How To Prevent It?

Since the problem can happen for many reasons, you might have to consider your HDD health. In this case, avoiding virus infection can be one of the easiest prevention methods. Use trusted anti-virus and update it to detect malicious malware. It is also wise to not careless in changing your PC default setting, such as BIOS or registry files to avoid Error code 0146 Dell laptop. 

The bottom line of the problem is that the error can happen due to some reasons. It can be hard drive error, Bios error, or SATA mode. The most possible fix will be replacing your hard drive, but you can also try scanning your system, repairing the PC registry, run disk cleanup, etc. As to how you prevent it, it’s mainly how you use the HDD, taking care of the file, and preventing malware. 


What is Error Code 0146?

It’s an error on your computer or laptop, related to the hard drive.

What causes error code 0146?

Mostly it is because of hard drive failure, bad sector in hard drive, malware, and others.

How to Fix Error Code 0146 Dell Laptop?

There are some methods such as anti-virus software, run safe mode, modify BIOS, disk clean up, PSA diagnostic, replace hardware.

How to prevent it?

Update anti-virus, scan your drive regularly, charge your laptop properly.

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