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Easy Steps To Get Student Tidal Discount in 2021

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When talking about the music industry, you got a lot of ways to enjoy them. But does your music give proper payment for your favorite artist? That is why legal music platforms come out everywhere, including Tidal. This platform poses many subscription options, including the Student Tidal Discount in 2021 that is worth getting. How to get it? Here is the info for you.

What is Tidal

Student Tidal discount in 2021

The answer is pretty simple. It is an application that allows you to stream music legally. You can also create a playlist and download the song for offline listening. The premise of this music app is to provide high-quality audio music owned by artists. With that in mind, you can tell that users will contribute certain payments for the related artist.

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However, something is interesting about Tidal. One of them is the platform is owned by the famous and popular rapper, Jay Z. It also marketed itself as the music application owned by the artist. That name comes with reasons because some big artists such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Ushers, Rihanna, etc. are already on the board.

So, what is this student Tidal discount that is popular? Worth noting that many premium or legal applications will ask a certain price for their subscription. Aside from the Student Tidal Discount in 2021, Tidal itself comes with two subscription plans: the premium and Hifi. Then, the subscription is also divided into family, students, military, and first responders type in which has different pricing.

The Student discount for Tidal refers to the 50% discount subscription tiers. It is pretty interesting to get since the normal value of the subscription is less than 10USD. Getting the 50% discount makes it one of the demanded offers years. However, the platform also applies strict requirements for it.  

Who is Eligible for the discount?

Who is eligible for this worthy discount? The Tidal official sites underline that the discount or the tier only available for college students. At the same time, it also points out that students 16 years or older (high school) are allowed to get the tier or the student discount. Users should attend at least title Iv or degree-granting universities in the United States.

How to verify the Student Tidal Discount in 2021? How can Tidal find out whether you are a student or not? One thing for sure, you will need to enter basic information upon your registration. At the same time, you will need to upload documents for verification. The document containing your name and affiliation will be uploaded through Sheer ID. The Sheer ID will help verify your status.

Most of the time, the verifying part will appear after you successfully signed up in Tidal. In the later pages, you will need to put in some information and upload a verified document about your affiliation as a student. Along with it, underline that you will need to reverify every 12 months and confirm the eligibility. 

How To Get Student Tidal Discount?

If you are qualified for the student’s subscription, you can join the discount. In this case, what you need to do is pretty much the same manner as signing up for the tidal. Each new sign up will provide you a 30-day free trial which then is followed by the discounted price. If you are interested in creating a new student tidal discount in 2021 account, you can go to for registration.

The steps are pretty easy to follow. You will need to insert your social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter) or use your email to create an account. Follow the instructions and then you will reach the subscription type page. In this part, select the student’s subscription type and continue the registration process. 

You will need to continue the progress by entering your payment information based on your subscription. After you get signed, you will need to upload some details regarding your affiliation. In this part, your job is to prove your student’s status by filling the forms and private information. Don’t worry everything is remaining private. Then, you have to upload the document.

The verification document for the student subscription document should be very detailed. However, you can use anything as proof of your student’s status. It can be your class schedule, transcripts, or ID card. Just follow the explanation and choose the appropriate file to continue the student tidal discount in 2021 registration steps.

How if you already have a Tidal account? Then, you already have the right to get or join the discount. All you need to do is log in to the Tidal official website and click on the subscription button. On that page, scroll down to find the Student discount option to join. This option is only available as long you are not part of a family plan or registered from a partner account.

How Much Is The Student Subscription Price?

1. Students Premium

The premium student subscription is pretty cheap for a monthly cost. It is especially if you consider the legality of the music and its audio quality. The cost is only $4.99 a month. That is a great value that comes with standard quality music. Yet you can also get access to the expertly curated editorial and high definition music video options.

2. Students Hifi           

It is very impressive that Tidal can provide a high-quality product for merely $9.99 a month. The subscription value is worth all you get. In this subscription type, you can enjoy HD music videos that are completed with High fidelity sound quality. There is also a curated editorial that makes the student tidal discount in 2021 worth trying for your superiority jamming. 


All in all, the 50% discount price for the student’s subscription is almost available every year. The process of registration or getting the discount is pretty much the same as last year. You can join by creating a new account or as easy as clicking the discount button (for the active account). At the same time, you need to verify your student’s status by uploading proof documents. 


What is Tidal ?

It’s an application which enbles you to downstream high quality music legally.

Who is eligible for Tidal discount?

College students or if you are 16-year old student

How to get students Tidal discount?

The steps are quite easy. You need to register, proof yourselves as students by sending student id or any other stuffs that show you are a student.

How much is student Tidal subcription price or discount in 2021?

For the Premium is $4.99 a month and student HiFi is $9.99 a month so it is 50% discount.

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