7 shooting games for android and ios 2021

7 Mobile Shooting Games for Android and iOS 2021!

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There are 2 types of popular shooting games, namely First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter. First Person Shooter or more commonly known as FPS is a game where players use the first person angle as your character. While Third Person Shooter or more commonly known as TPS is a game where players use a third person angle to move your character.

Generally, the game genre in FPS and TPS itself is a shooting game genre where players use firearms to defeat existing enemies. There is quite a number of shooting game titles that have TPS and FPS gameplay, here are some recommendations for these games. Check out the article below.

1. Sausage Man (Android/iOS)

This very funny android game carries a battle royale concept similar to fortnite with a variety of cute and adorable characters. If you’ve ever played games like PUBG, Fortnite, and the like, you’ll definitely love this game. Players use characters that look like sausages which will battle to be the last one standing. Players have to look for a variety of weapons starting from snipers, machine guns, SMGs to dragons to help you win the game.

2. HyperFront (Android)

The game developed by NetEase which has similar gameplay to Valorant has finally received its beta test. Originally known as Project M, the game which was eventually named Hyper Front, is the latest shooting game from NetEase. Players must play as attacker and defender alternately. The goal of the attacker is to implant a bomb at the site that has been provided and detonate the bomb, while the defender must guard it.

Just like Valorant, each character in this game will have their own skills; complete with weapons that can be purchased to help them kill enemy players. This game is actually quite interesting. Unfortunately the BETA version is currently only open to a few countries, namely Thailand, Brazil, Canada and Japan. If you are interested, you can use a VPN to play it.

3. PUBG New State (Android/iOS)

PUBG New State is the latest PUBG Mobile game developed by Krafton. The gameplay of this game is still in Battle royale, where players will be taken to an island to fight with other players. Players can look for a variety of firearms, and armor to survive.

The difference with PUBG Mobile is in the quality of the graphics which will be enhanced with Global Illumination technology which will make your game graphics ultra realistic. In terms of gameplay, there are several elements that will be presented in the game. Starting from the customization of weapons that can be used to modify the weapons you are using, this will create various additional effects such as increasing the fire rate, plus the application of several additional weapons such as the Grenade Launcher into your weapon.

4. Underground 2077 (Android)

Underground 2077 is a zombie shooter game or zombie shooting game where players will play as a soldier trapped underground. Here, players will survive the attacks of zombies who want to kill you using a variety of existing weapons and arsenals. Can you block the zombies that attack you?

5. Call of Guns (Android)

Call of Guns is an online FPS game where players can play shooting games and compete with other players. Call of Guns has good graphics with controls that are quite easy to understand. The gameplay of this game is actually quite simple, look for enemies and shoot them to death. But this is not easy, because every weapon owned by the enemy has its own abilities that can be used, starting from shields, dynamic aero capabilities for mobility, to damage that can kill both your teammates and your enemies.

6. Bishojo Battlefield (Android/iOS)

This TPS game brings a beautiful woman (Bishojo) into a battle full of various things that will kill you. Apart from realistic graphics, this game has tons of maps to explore, cool explosions, and a unique shooter game. Moreover, various features such as riding a horse while shooting arrows, driving a tank, to using a sword or firearm make this game even more interesting to play.

In addition to the battle royale mode, there are various modes that can be played which of course make players feel happy. If you are interested, you can try Bishojo Battlefield right now.

7. Lost Light (Android)

Lost Light is a survival shooter game, where players will play as members of the Firefly Squad who are trying to survive in the Exclusion Zone. Here, players must find out the dark conspiracy hidden behind the scenes by using a firearm that can be used to kill the enemy.

In terms of gameplay, it is quite different from other shooting games. Where players start from 0, and every time you enter the arena you will look for resources or resources that you can take home. Depending on your luck, you can get nice and good weapons, but please note that if you die while on the battlefield, all the weapons you get and carry will also be lost.

Those are some recommendations for the best mobile shooting games on Android and iOS. If you are interested, keep reading other articles from W2Wlink to get recommendations for other interesting android games on the G List, or use the following page to get weekly game recommendations on W2Wlink. You can also use W2Wlink’s recommended emulator to play the above games on PC.

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