gogo anime kissanime alternatives
gogo anime kissanime alternatives

5 Sites Like Kissanime to Watch Anime For Free

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Do you love watching anime? Japanese animated videos have been one of the most popular entertainment all around the world. You can watch it by buying the original CD or watch it through an online streaming platform such as kissanime.ru. The website has recently got taken down due to a copyright violation. But there are a bunch of sites like kissanime out there. Here are some of them.

kissanime alternatives watch mange free
kissanime alternatives watch mange free

Some Alternative Platform To Watch Anime For Free

1. Crunchyroll

If you are talking about anime streaming, then you will learn the name of Crunchyroll. This site is a total 100% anime streaming platform you can access from a desktop. It is easy to say that Crunchyroll is the epitome of anime streaming that also highlights the contents’ legality. Yes, this website is legal since it also employs a subscription method.

Aside from not being a truly free website to enjoy anime, the platform is famous for its high quality and a vast array of anime collections. The design and UI are trendy with the basic yellow color for its platform. Due to its 25,000+ episodes, impressive Asian content, and reliable service, the platform gains a strong user base for a long time.

What makes Crunchyroll stand out from other sites like kissanime is the quick updates. You can enjoy the on-going series within a few hours of its original broadcast. Thus, you can stay updated with your beloved anime. The free content of the site works with the help of advertisements. You can also get a free trial for 14 days to get the premium subscription with no ads.   

2. Animelab

The anime streaming site that has a good reputation as kissanime will be animelab. You can access the platform from your desktop browser, android, ios, Chromecast, or even PlayStation. That vast range of accessibility makes this platform ranked high in this list. Along with it, the platform itself comprises thousands of anime episodes that you can watch for free.

Upon opening the official site, you can tell that the platform did show the user-friendly side. You can choose anime series from different kinds of categories, such as the latest update, top recommendation, studio highlight, or genre-based options. Just like other sites like kissanime, you can find that the content is available in both English and Japanese subtitles.

Another fantastic thing about this site is the quick update, just like Crunchyroll. You can watch the ongoing anime straight one hour after the broadcast. There are also some classic anime that you can access for free. Unfortunately, the platform is still limited within certain regions. That means some areas might not be able to watch on this site at all. 

3. Gogoanime

gogo anime kissanime alternatives
gogo anime kissanime alternatives

Probably one of the biggest contenders of kissanime is gogoanime. This site contains a massive library of content with easy access to every anime you are looking for. The display is also user-friendly with its simplistic design. Streaming on this site is pretty much easy to do, even though it comes with a tad bit of issues here and there. The most apparent one will be the huge amount of ads.

While the number of ads is still tolerable, at some point, it can disturb your streaming session. Granted that the free anime streaming site relies on its advertisement to gain some bucks. You can tell that gogoanime is one of the sites like kissanime that is prone to copyright breach, which means it can go down anytime.

The site is quite smart in taking action against DMCA problems. It keeps changing the domain name, yet maintains the quality of its service. Users who visit this site can enjoy tens of thousands of anime episodes with HD quality. The video players are also easy to use, both on smartphones or desktops. The site itself offers dubbed versions and Chinese anime as well.

4. 9anime

If you are looking for the best alternative for kissanime, then you should consider 9anime. Just like any other free anime streaming platform, this site always comes with unique domain names. One of the reasons is to fight the DMCA or the copyright rules. Even if it is an illegal streaming site, the popularity is still over the top.

The platform has a striking yet simple interface for better navigation. It looks clean and modern, but still conveys the purpose of serving the up-to-date anime. This one of sites like kissanime got a big array of anime episodes with multiple high-speed servers. With many servers, you can enjoy different quality videos (SD to HD) with the chance to record or download them.

For the library itself, you got a lot of episodes to fill the whole summer holidays. From the classic favorite anime to the current ongoing anime, you can see anything for free. There are also some other shocking genres such as yaoi and yuri, which are also available for everyone. If you like to make requests, you can register to get the request and suggestion options.

5. Animefreak

Just like the site names, the library contents on this site are freakishly huge. Joke aside, anime freak will always be one of the popular anime streaming sites you can enjoy. If you consider the 15,000+ episode to stream, it is safe to say that you will never run out of the story to explore. It even has every kind of genre and animation studio with all its unique plots.

Just like other basic sites like kissanime, the site has a pretty basic yet straightforward user interface. For some reason, it has an almost similar appearance as gogoanime. Since it is a real 100% free streaming platform, you will need to bear the ads attack. Some of the ads can block the video player or make the interface a little bit hard to swallow.


All in all, the surging popularity of anime has made many free anime streaming platforms appear out of nowhere. What you need to understand in this condition is the legality of the content. Most sites that use the same concept as kissanime are prone to copyright violation. So, be careful and consider streaming on a legal site to support the creator.

What is Kissanime

Kissanime is a website where people can watch anime for free

Is Kissanime still up?

No, the website has been taken down due to copyright issue.

What are the alternatives for Kissanime?

There are some such as animefreak, gogoganime, 9 anime, read the article for complete info.

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