5 Best Websites Like Omegle Text to Chat With Strangers

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The Internet comes with a lot of potential in terms of usage. Believe it or not, you use it simply looking for a picture to chat with strangers. Strange indeed, but talking to someone never known before brings satisfaction and helps people to socialize. In this case, a platform such as Omegle allows you this possibility. But there are websites like Omegle Text out there. Here is some info for you.

What is Omegle Text?

Omegle alternative chat with stranger
Omegle chat with stranger

If you are here, most likely you have heard of or use Omegle. So, this platform is one of the social media or social networking websites on the internet. You can list others such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but Omegle has a thing that makes it popular. That particular thing is the ability to meet or connect with random people.

It is random since you most likely don’t know whoever you will encounter. In this case, the site has been around since 2005 and has already a strong base. Thus, you can find most random people and interact with them. As you connected with a stranger, you got the chance to chat via text, audio, or video using the virtual chat room.

This website is free and you can join by simply visiting www.omegle.com. As a completely free sharing website, Omegle tends to come out with heavy blows. Questions such as age restriction to inappropriate content are pretty prone for users. But Omegle is pretty strict about it. Thus, many people are looking for websites like Omegle Text as the alternative.

Websites With the Same Concept As Omegle Text

1. Chatroulette

Chatroulette Omegle TV alternative

If you are talking about a website that has a similar function or even looks, then you can call Chatroulette. Chatroulette is one of the best and probably the older side of random online interaction. The appearance and the UI are pretty simple yet straightforward. You can use it easily even though you have fewer options to determine your other party’s detail.

You cannot choose age, location, gender, etc. so everything is 100% random. What makes it stand out is the platform is accessible for everyone around the world. You can join it for free without the need of signing up. It also has filtered chat that allows you to stay away from explicit content. Unfortunately, this website is mostly used for video chatting than others. Click here to visit the site.

2. ChatRandom

Just as the name says, you will chat with random people. But then, the website mostly emphasizes the video chatting feature rather than chatting. Yes, as one of the websites like Omegle text, you can enjoy conversing with other people just by signing up and choosing the categories. Select your gender and verify yourself as 18+ or above to join the platform.

As you logged in, chatrandom will pair you with more than thousands of users over the world. But if you prefer a certain country, you can use the country filter as well. Another plus point for Chatrandom is the accessibility. You can use the platform from your desktop browser, android, or iOS smartphone. So, it is easy to use and also easy to navigate.

I can’t the official website. It seems that you need to go to apple store or Google play to download the app.

3. CooMeet

coomet omegle tv alternative

Coomeet came out in 2011 with its easy-to-use and navigable UI. Upon opening the official site, you will see a simple design with pictures and options of video chat or messages. But if you look at the homepage, you will only see women’s or girls’ pictures in it. Coomeet does it for a reason because this random chatting platform focuses on meeting with girls.

Pretty unique isn’t it? Just like any other websites like Omegle Text, the platform is pretty much free and you don’t need to sign up. But, you can sign up or register to get access to more features. How if the girls are fake? Coomeet ensures that all of the active girls are verified. So, don’t worry! Your HD video chat will always be with girls. Click here to visit the site.

4. OmeTV

OmeTV one of the best Omegel alternative sites
OmeTV one of the best Omegel alternative sites

If you are looking for the most popular or the easiest alternative to choose, then go with OmeTV. The name sounds boring, and so does the appearance. But aside from the not-so-satisfying UI design, the platform gives you one clicks pair feature. It allows you to meet people just by going to the official site, then join the video to get paired up.

For your information, this site has about 3,000,000 people in traffic. Thus, making it one of the popular random chat sites to try. With that popularity, OmeTV is also available for iOS or Android mobile phones. So, you can get easy access anywhere and anytime you want. The platform is also quite advanced in the term of feature and security.

Like other websites like Omegle Text, you can set filters to designate your pair. The filter options include gender, ages, country, and others. Other than that, it shows the active users count in the platform. So, you will see if the random pairing chances are better or not. It can automatically block harassing chat and no ads. But you cannot hide your face. Click here to visit the site.

5. Chathub

Chathub omegle tv alternative

Chathub can be considered a new platform in this random chat realm. However, chathub is more matured in creating interesting features than other sites. The platform also looks more modern with a touch of simplicity in it. You can both do text chat or video chat with some advanced security level. Here, you got the chance to block mischievous people.

Some other things that make this chat website stand out are no multiple match filter and mobile phone version. The filter allows you to avoid being paired up with the same person again. It also shows you four random people to talk to and choose, which makes it different from other websites like Omegle Text. Unfortunately, these fun features are only available for female users. Click here to visit the site.


All in all, there is nothing wrong with using random chat platforms such as Omegle or others to meet people. It will not disclose any private information unless you like to reveal yourself. It also applies to the inappropriate contents that are hard to prevent, since it is all free and worldwide. So, make sure you use the platform with consent and socialize with people. 

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